About Us

“It’s What We Do…”

Missoula Robotics’ team is made up of diverse students from around the Missoula school district. Over the past three years the team has grown exponentially and with the increasing support of the outer community,  the Missoula Robotic’s team is now bigger than ever.

An assortment of students- future mathematicians, scientists and engineers- have teamed up to  create something together – a robot. Building a robot from start to finish is a complex challenge.  When the project began, differences in conceptualization caused set backs, but also led to new ideas. The team experience has fostered  friendships that will carry on into the future, long past high school.

The Missoula Robotics’ team, like other robotics teams around the world, has helped to shape students’ personalities and taught students to set, work towards, and achieve their own goals. The problems and situations that the team members have faced and will face in the future are excellent preparation for future careers in many different fields, including engineering and design.

Students learn to work together, an important skill when entering the outside world. They also  learn ways to express their ideas to the team and provide positive criticism of the ideas of others. All this is combined with hands on work with electrical and mechanical systems and metal working.

The Robotics team has finished two years of robotics and hopes to continue participating in the competitions annually.  Students need this kind of opportunity to build their confidence and abilities.