T-Shirt Cannon

Currently the team is working on adapting a T-Shirt Cannon to our 2011 robot. Most teams enjoy leaving past robots together but this one was a fail in our eyes so we where willing to disable it a little to adapt it for another purpose. First thing we did was take the arm off of the robot giving us a nice base platform to work with.  Then we started to fit the robot with the air tank which is a re-purposed propane bottle and all the required air lines.

We already had the basics of the air cannon, because team members Nathan Bronec, Jonas Woerlein, and Kyle Campbell  built it last year with this idea in mind.  Now all that we have left to do is paint the air cannon, build the mounting system for the cannon, create a way to adjust its trajectory, and place some nice decals on the robot.

T-Shirt Cannon sitting in its future location.

   Loading the Cannon for one of it’s first shots.



Nathan Bronec wanted to pose with his creation, hard to believe he is the teams president.


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